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A list of websites of active and inactive kickers and punters, along with related links. If you think a website belongs on this list, or you find a broken link, please contact us.

Active and Retired NFL Kickers and Punters

Player Personal Website Charity/Non-profit
Ray GuyR RayGuy.net
Morten AndersenR MortenAndersen.com Morten Andersen Family Foundation
Gary AndersonR GaryAndersonPerfectSeason.com Dreams for Teams
Billy Cundiff Kicking for the Dream
Jay Feely JayFeely.com The Feely Family Foundation
John CarneyR CarneyCoaching.com
Nick LoweryR NickLowery.com Nick Lowery Youth Foundation
Sebastian Janikowski CBass11.com
Pat McAfee PatMcAfeeShow.com The Pat McAfee Foundation
Nick Novak NickNovak.com The Novak Foundation
Steve Weatherford Weatherford5.com Steve Weatherford World Champion Foundation
Brian Moorman BrianMoorman.org P.U.N.T. Foundation
Mike Scifres MikeScifres.com MS-5 Foundation
Jeff Locke Tee It Up For the Troops
Shayne Graham ShayneGraham.com Shayne Graham Foundation
Matt StoverR MattStoverFoundation.org
Rob BironasD RobBironas.com The Rob Bironas Fund
Chris Kluwe Kick Duchenne Campaign
Brandon McManus Anti Bully Squad

R = Retired, D = Deceased

Non-NFL Kickers and Punters

Player Personal Website Charity/Non-profit
Marcelo Lajterman Marcelo23.com Marcelo Lajterman Memorial Scholarship Fund

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