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Kicking and Punting Books

Kicking and punting require great discipline and mental strength. After you surpass the physical aspects of kicking a football, the only thing that separates you from your competition is mental. Luckily, mental strength can be practiced and learned like any other skill. These books below will give you a good start.

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Thomas Tutko & Umberto Tosi Best introduction to the mental game
Golf is Not a Perfect Game Bob Rotella Replace “club” with “leg”, and this book makes an excellent teaching tool for the mental game of kicking
Mind, Beginners Mind
Shunryu Suzuki Very deep reading – must be read several times
Miracle of Mindfulness
Thich Nhat Hahn A simple yet insightful book worth reading
and the Art of Archery
Eugene Herrigel Great analogy for kicking. I have read it 5 times.
in the Martial Arts
Joe Hyams Not as good as Archery, but worth checking out

Oh – A Zen Way of Baseball
Sadaharu Oh & David Falkner A great autobiography by an inspirational man
Body, Dancing Mind
Chungliang Al Huang One of my all-time favorites
Ronald Shone Pretty good at teaching visualization techniques
Ultimate Athlete
George Leonard Very interesting – philosophical not instructional

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